14 Easy Ways To Increase Smartphone Speed. How To Speed Up Your Smartphone?

Smartphones have become essential companions in our daily lives. It is very difficult to live without a smartphone nowadays, but if you use this smartphone excessively, the phone’s performance gradually decreases. Later it can be seen that smartphones like unique electronic devices have also become slow. 14 things to do when your smartphone is running slow

Keeping the operating system updated

I think that the operating system is not always updated is the main reason for smartphone slowness. Because smartphone companies fix bugs and lags in operating system updates. The operating system is abbreviated as OS. It is very important to keep this OS update. If the OS is not updated, the smartphone becomes slow and sometimes does not work properly. So smartphone OS (OS) or operating system should always be updated.

Uninstalling unnecessary apps

If you have unnecessary apps on your smartphone, then uninstall or remove them now, because of these unnecessary apps, the smartphone becomes slow. Sometimes installing unnecessary apps can cause the smartphone to hang. It slows down the work. At times embarrassing to wear. So it is better not to keep unnecessary apps on the device.

If you keep more apps than necessary, the mobility of the phone is lost, so you can eliminate some unnecessary apps or less used apps. Later if it is very necessary then uninstall again after finishing the installation.

Close background apps

Some apps automatically run in the background even if you don’t use the phone after opening and closing them. It puts pressure on the RAM and processor. So to keep your smartphone in good condition, you should close the various apps running in the background.

Keeping smartphone apps updated

One of the reasons for slow smartphones is not keeping phone apps updated. At various times, while using the phone apps, you will see that it will ask for updates. In that case, the app needs to allow the update. It can protect the smartphone from being slow.

Delete movies, dramas, TV shows, and music

After watching some movies, dramas, TV shows, and music once or more, we often leave it on our smartphones. These things tend to put pressure on the smartphone’s memory, which slows down the smartphone. To delete all the movies, dramas, TV shows, and music except for the essentials.

Keeping the smartphone home screen clear

Having any live wallpaper, news, and other live apps on the smartphone’s home screen slows down the phone. For this, keeping the home screen of the phone clean increases the speed of the phone many times. Moreover, keeping several windows open on the smartphone slows down the speed a lot. So avoid keeping more windows open.

Clean the data cache

When we do any work on the smartphone, some unnecessary temporary data is stored as a data cache. As a result of this cache, the speed of the smartphone decreases a lot. You can increase the speed of your smartphone by cleaning these unnecessary data files.

Memory storage overflow

Another reason for slow smartphones is memory storage overflow. When the phone memory is full of videos, music, pictures, messages, or contacts, the smartphone automatically slows down. For this, unnecessary things should not be kept on the smartphone.

If you want to keep a video, picture, or old text message as a backup, then save them on Google Drive or a computer and then keep the memory storage free.

Install custom ROM

If you can try to install a custom ROM of the phone. Then it will be seen that the speed of your phone has increased several times.

Emptying the downloads folder data

Most of the downloads are stored in the smartphone’s phone memory or downloads folder. If there are any unnecessary things in these folders then they should be deleted. If the folder is empty, the performance of the smartphone will be better.

Clearing browser data

On the internet we browse different sites from time to time, its history, cookies, and cache files remain after browsing. Deleting them regularly after browsing will double the speed of your smartphone.

Turn off automatic sync

Currently, there are several options in smartphone app settings. You can check the app settings. If you see any app syncing automatically, close it and you will see the speed of your smartphone increase.

Factory data reset

If you think that your smartphone is too slow then you can reset the phone to factory data. But of course, if you want to do a factory data reset, keep a backup of all the phone’s data. Because after factory data reset, there will be no old data, information, or files on the smartphone. After the factory data reset, everything has to be set up again.

Change the battery

Weak and old batteries can affect a smartphone in various ways. If you think your phone’s battery is weak, then you can change the battery, but while changing the battery, make sure that it is coming from an authorized source. Do not modify if n.

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