Create a structure named date that has day,
month and year as its members. Include this
structure as a member in another structure
named employee which has name, id and
salary as other members. Use this structure
to read and display employee’s name, id,
date of birthday and salary.

#include <stdio.h>

struct employee{
    char    name[30];
    int     empId;
    float   salary;

struct date{

    int day;
    int month;
    int year;

int main()

    struct employee emp;

    printf("\nEnter details :\n");
    printf("Name ?: ");          gets(;
    printf("ID ?:");            scanf("%d",&emp.empId);
    printf("Salary ?:");        scanf("%f",&emp.salary);

struct date t;
    printf("\nEnter the date::");    scanf(" %d",&;
    printf("\nEnter the month ::");  scanf(" %d",&t.month);
    printf("\nEnter the year::");    scanf(" %d",&t.year);

    printf("\nEntered detail is:");
    printf("\nName: %s"   ,;
    printf("\nId: %d"     ,emp.empId);
    printf("\nSalary: %f\n",emp.salary);
    printf("Day %d month %d Year %d",,t.month,t.year);

    return 0;

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