How To Delete Instagram Search History 2022

The popularity of the photo-sharing app Instagram is increasing day by day. Instagram authorities are also adding one new feature after another. This is mainly to improve the user’s Instagram experience.

People who use Instagram regularly often face a problem. That is, the word search is automatically credited to the account whenever you search for any information on Instagram. Which is sometimes annoying.

But you can delete the search history if you want. However, this information may be unknown to many social media users, every social media user needs to know this feature. Let’s find out how you can do this very easily and also you think that is cool.

* Open the Instagram app.

* Tap on your profile picture in the right-hand corner of the app. When the profile page is turned on, select the settings option at the top right.

* When the settings page opens, you have to click on the security menu.

* If you want to delete Instagram’s search history from Android, click on the search history option. If it is on iPhone, click on Clear Search History and you feel happy.

* Now select the Clear All option from the Instagram search history page. When the prompt box appears, the search history will be deleted by tapping the Clear All option again. If you want, you can also delete certain information on Instagram.

Md Amir Hamzah

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