Even If You Are Online On Instagram, No One Will Know, How?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in India and in the world. All of the people you follow back in this app can see when you were last online. It is possible to see this information by going to the activity status of Instagram. This feature works just like the last scene feature of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. If someone sends you a direct message, it is possible to see when he was last online.

Although this feature is enabled at the beginning, it is possible to turn it off for the privacy of your personal life. By turning off this option you can use this social app whenever you want. If you have multiple Instagram accounts, you need to turn off this feature separately for each account. But how to do this? Take a look.

How to turn off mobile?

Step 1. First, open the Instagram app on Android or iPhone. Open the profile page by tapping on the profile picture. You will find this option at the bottom right. Step 2. Now open the settings from the menu.

Step 3. Open Activity Status by selecting Privacy. Disable the toggle next to the “Show Activity Status” option here. This toggle is enabled at the beginning.

How to close the browser?

Step 1. Open the instagram.com website from the computer browser and log in to the account.

Step 2. Open the settings by clicking on the profile picture.

Step 3. Disable this function by clicking on the Privacy and Security option here. For this, you need to disable the checkbox next to it.

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