Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Review: First Impressions!

Samsung Galaxy A703 5G in this really nice awesome. When you have it like underlying in it looks a bit of grace right here but looks really nice. We have got the A73 5G all set up and let’s talk a little bit about the hardware. so is A7 6.7 inch full HD Plus super AMOLED display that refreshers at 120 e Hz the angulation are the battery is smooth and the polling rate is really good as well on the front here. we get a 32-megapixel camera that texts 4K videos. This is a punctual cut out. which isn’t the largest , it is is there is smallest as well but it’s just nice .it doesn’t fail after CIF as well so ever get a little bit of Brazals around the screen right over here which is kind of acceptable for mid range phone. The SIM tray is located at the top over here instead of the slide like most phones that we have seen out there I am not sure what’s the the design over there but then. This sim tray is a hybrid that accepts either dual sim or a Nano sim or a Micro SD card so you can definitely expand the storage of this phone. When we talk about space the 73 5G is powered by a Snapdragon 780 processor which will love it a lot back on the A52s 5G. it has 8 GB of RAM onboard and 256 GB of internal storage the phone features. The RAM plus virtual ground features that you can actually expand upto another 8 GB of RAM. If you want to you and if you just happened to realize that you don’t get enough Ram to run more applications in the background but otherwise. I really wouldn’t suggest that you enable that because that RAM is actually pretty slow, right.


One of the most effective things that I prefer about the Galaxy A73 5G is the design. While it sure appears like last year’s design, there are lots of design refinements that make it look and feel more inviting. I actually just like the return of a number of my favorite colors from the past – and this Mint color is exclusively just for the Galaxy A73 – and that I truly love this color.

The camera bump is yet again made into a slope that delicately rises from the rear panel of the phone – and I just think it’s very elegant.


The Galaxy A73 5G is employing a flat 6.8-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen which is certainly better for screen protector – and it’s a resolution of 2400×1080 pixels with refresh rate of up to 120Hz. Rather huge, IMO. Also, there’s no factory-applied screen protector, so use caution with the device after you unbox it. The display looks truly nice but don’t take our word for it – we took out our colorimeter and did the color accuracy test too. At 100 nits of brightness, this display can cover 99.70% or sRGB and 98.50% of DCI-P3 color gamuts, while retaining a coffee Delta E number – which just means this display is basically good. But for the utmost brightness though, it’s not precisely the best. It can only reach bout 400 nits of average brightness at max which means you’ll must be under the shade during a very sunny day to determine the screen


The Samsung Galaxy A73 5G comes with a 108MP primary sensor which has OIS support, a 12MP ultra-wide lens, a 5MP macro sensor, and a 5MP depth sensor while there’s a 32MP selfie shooter on the front.

The rear cameras can shoot videos at 4k with 30fps, 1080p and 30/60fps while the front can shoot at only 1080p@30fps which is really cool.

The 108MP sensor has OIS which suggests the videos will start up stable except for some reason once we shoot videos at 4k, the videos don’t start off as smooth as 1080p.

Now, Samsung has done an excellent job with colors, and also the details have also started off well. Now, the matter is, this is often a 42k smartphone, and considering the worth tag, the phone doesn’t have the most effective camera setup.

When we go above the 30k price, we’ve got heaps of great options and you simply should choose Android skin, if you’re okay with MIUI then there’s no better option at Xiaomi 11T Pro 5G (review) but if you would like pure stock UI then there’s also Motorola edge 30 Pro 5G (review).

In short, you have got heaps of Android options, so I don’t see any reason to compromise at 42k simply because it’s a Samsung logo. There is little doubt the videos come good even with front cameras too, the dynamic range is additionally balanced and therefore the colors are not oversaturated.

Coming thereto massive 108MP sensor, it takes some great images under the great lights while in the dark, Samsung needs a touch little bit of work.

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When it involves low light, there’s a little bit of noise and therefore the sensor is trying to melt the image. The small prints are there even at the hours of darkness but still, in some areas, I feel that one or two OTA updates will make these cameras better.

That 12MP ultra-wide sensor also takes some good images but again, this too has that low light issue. Also, this is often a smaller sensor compared to the first, therefore the details won’t be excellent.

So when you’re taking images in the hours of darkness, stick to the first sensor.

Now, don’t get me started on those 5MP + 5MP sensors. they’re added for marketing, they won’t make any huge difference with best chip.

Coming to 32MP selfie shooter,

Here, I feel, Samsung has done an excellent job, if you’re that one who likes to take selfies then you’ll appreciate it. Now, when it involves selfie videos, there’s some issue with dynamic range, whether it’s a successful or a reasonable situation.

Sometimes, it takes the most effective videos but sometimes, it sounds like a budget smartphone selfie camera.

By the way, whatever problem this smartphone has, all may be fixed with single OTA updates and also the sensors are quite capable too but within the end, it depends on Samsung once they will improve the cameras.

Overall, for the worth of Rs 41999, the cameras don’t seem to be that great, you’ll be able to call these good cameras.


And finally – the software It’s using the identical Android 12 with One UI 4.1 and that I don’t have any complaints in the slightest degree. It’s still superb overall while some more advanced settings are nested quite deep into some menus, just like the “alternate game performance management” and also GPU Watch. But, now I need to bring the Galaxy A52s into the conversation again.

 If there are numerous similarities between these two phones, then why should we pick the Galaxy A73 5G? Well, that’s because the software support of the Galaxy A73 5G is far better. It gets 4 generations of Android upgrades and 5 years of security patches – which is superior to the Galaxy A52s’s policy. which is the strength of the Galaxy A73 5G.


The similarities start from the specs. Both the phones include the identical, excellent Snapdragon 778G with 8GB RAM and also 256GB of storage. In our gaming test video for the Galaxy A73 5G, the Snapdragon 778G performs magnificently well all told the games after we turned on the “alternate gaming performance mode” option.

Games like Genshin Impact at the very best graphical settings at about 30fps, and even Mobile Legends has the choice to enable 120fps, and might run at 120fps consistently too. Also, the phone doesn’t get hot because the surface temperature only got up to around 42°C. The phone is simply slightly consider the touch.

I would presume that the Galaxy A52s also will be ready to perform the identical when the update for the “alternate game performance management” option is on the market.

Audio Quality:

Yes, it’s a stereo speaker and it’s great, no complaints. There’s also a secondary noise cancellation microphone too which helps plenty in calling.

Now, if you’re that one who uses wired earphones then you’ve got to shop for a type-C to three.5mm dongle because the phone doesn’t have a 3.5mm audio jack.

Overall, there won’t be any quite issue with calling yet as audio, Samsung has done an excellent job now

Battery Life:

Then, the battery life. They both will have more or less the identical battery life. We also tested the battery lifetime of the Galaxy A73 5G here at 100 nits of brightness running PC Mark 10, and it can reach somewhere above 10 hours only – which isn’t the most effective for a 5,000mAh battery. I guess the ability of the Snapdragon 778G is admittedly power-hungry.

Charging Test:

Now, the charging speed. The Galaxy A73 5G doesn’t include a charger within the box, but it supports up to 25W of fast charging – a bit like the Galaxy A52s. Thereupon said, the charging time is about 90 minutes to increase from 15% to 100% after we used the Ugreen 100W GaN charger.

It’s more or less a clone of the Galaxy A52s. However, the Galaxy A52s still comes with a 15W charger within the box – which could be a giant boon for a few people.

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