Samsung Z Fold 3 Review: Let’s Talk Purpose!

Samsung Z fold 3 is basically a better built version of the fold 2 version. It’s 1800 bucks now, so it’s still expensive. especially phones but with a series of ambitions and that’s what I wanna talk about in this review is the ambition of this phone, which I believe is the second best folding phone out right now. see something drop to folding phones on us this month . The folding 3 that you are saying here but also the flip 3 the vertical clamshell, and I fully believe they flip 3 at this point is the best for lymph an option out there for most people. the most reasonable to actually recommend today. But as great as it is, the flip 3 has less ambition than the fold. But what I am saying is the flip 3 has one goal, which is to give you as close to a normal possible experience and then just fold up and getting your pocket be is smaller than normal phone. So it is very interesting think right?? 

Samsung Z fold wants to be as close to a normal smartphone as possible but then also give you a huge shot of mini tablet size explained, and all the experience that is great about that. That is a much bigger goal and ambition for this phone. So we are really think that because the phone’s ambition is really cool ,But is so high, this phone, the fold Z 3 actually works at some normal phone things and also it is unique smartphone. I can actually see and feel that difference, but overall it is an objective reality and awkward size and shape to use on a regular also works then normal phones in car mounts because it’s so narrow and heavy phone. It’s also an absolute unit in your pocket. like obviously there are a lot of other big phones, but this one is such a unique object.

Release date and price:

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 release date was August 27, 2021 within the US and UK, while in Australia it’s September 10, 2021.

The Z Fold 3 price is cheaper than the launch price of the Galaxy Z Fold 2, but be warned: foldable phones are still notably costlier than conventional top-end smartphones just like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or iPhone 12 Pro and also 12 Pro Max.

It starts at $1,799 / £1,599 / AU$2,499 for a model with 256GB of storage, while if you would like extra capacity you’ll be able to get a 512GB Galaxy Fold 3 for $1,899 / £1,699 / AU$2,649. The Z Fold 2 started at $1,999 / £1,799 / AU$2,999 when it was released in 2020.

In the US, Samsung is offering some tempting trade-in deals – up to $800 off if you switch in an older device, be it a phone, tablet or wearable, or any combination of the three, and you’ll be able to add up to four devices to achieve that maximum value. You could, then, get this phone for $999, and that’s a far more compelling tag.

In the UK you’ll be able to get a £250 trade-in on your phone, and people who pre-ordered got a Fold Starter Kit which incorporates a charger, a case for your Z Fold 3 and an S Pen stylus which is also best.

In Australia, Samsung is offering a lot of discounts of up to AU$500, together with a choice of bonus gifts bundle. It is a really amazing thing, which varies between the 2 models. you may score Galaxy Buds Pro, Galaxy Buds Live, or one in all the ability or productivity packs that features items just like the S Pen, phone case and charging mat.

Design and durability: 

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 adds plenty within the way of durability, whether or not it’s still on the bulky side.

Right off the bat, you’ll be glad to grasp that the new Galaxy Z Fold is IPX8 waterproof, which implies it can withstand being in up to 1.5 meters of water for up to half-hour. I doubt most people will dunk this foldable, but it’s good to understand it can handle everything from splashes to rain.

Unfortunately, we don’t seem to be able to test water resistance on our review sample, but we’ve purchased a Galaxy Z Fold 3 and can put that unit to the test and update this review. Just note that the Z Fold 3 isn’t dust resistant, so I wouldn’t feel comfy bringing this foldable to the beach.

To further fortify the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, it’s very strong Armor Aluminum body is strong, and the Gorilla Glass Victus display is designed to resist scratches, it is also stylish and drops. Last but not least, Samsung claims that the Z Fold 3 employs a replacement protective PET film that when combined with “optimized” main screen layers ends up in a 80% more durable screen.

If that may not be enough to convince you that the Z Fold 3 you’re thinking of shopping for are safe, take a glance at the simplest Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 cases you’ll be able to get for extra peace of mind.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 measures 6.2 x 2.6 x 0.56 to 0.62 inches when closed and 6.2 x 5 x 0.25 when open, it was a good thing. And it weighs 9.5 ounces. On the other hand compare that to six.2 x 2.6 x 0.66 inches (closed), 6.2 x 5 x 0.27 inches (open) and 9.9 ounces for the Galaxy Z Fold 2 . Still, this can be way thicker and heavier when closed then most phones, so you’ll feel it in your pocket.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 has three main colors: Phantom Black, Phantom Green and Phantom Silver. I’m an addict of the silver because it pops most, which is really gorgeous .

Display and audio:

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 yet again features two displays which are cool: a 6.2-inch OLED cover display and on the other hand a 7.6-inch main screen that’s revealed once you unfold the device that is marvelous .

Both panels have  a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate which is big compared to other smartphones, and I experienced smooth scrolling and overall performance during my hands-on time with the phone. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will give you a good experience .

The Galaxy Z Fold 3  resolution for the inside screen is the same as before at 2208 x 1768 pixels. That is awesome, but the great news is that the new display is rated to be 29% brighter than the previous version, due to new Eco display technology.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3’s main display looks pretty stunning, and an enormous reason for that’s a replacement under-display camera. Therefore we can say, having to stare at a notch or punch hole, the UDC on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is almost invisible which is great news for us, especially once you go full screen on content like photos and videos. When the display is dark, say on the house screen, you’ll find a small hole, but it’s not that noticeable.

Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3’s display averaged 422 nits of brightness in our lab testing ,this is not bad think. We think that’s okay but nearly half what the Galaxy S21 Ultra turned in (821 nits)which was good, and also the iPhone 12 Pro Max also hit a comparatively high 654 nits which is big achievement.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3’s speakers are quite powerful with best quality and deliver clear and loud sound while paying attention to Spotify and when making calls. The sound can get a touch muffled after you stand the Z Fold 3 on a desk which is the most amazing feature (one of the speakers is on the bottom) but overall the audio is solid from this Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 phone.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 cameras are really amazing , but not gorgeous; you’ll either be satisfied with the finely detailed photos and video which is good think, or disappointed that this Note Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra-replacement doesn’t take things much further than last year’s Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. It depends on what proportion of camera-phone comparison shopping you’re doing ,that is cool.

The camera specs mirror what we got a year ago: a 12MP f/1.8 main camera which is best and amazing ,on the other hand a 12MP f/2.2 ultrawide camera and also a 12MP f/2.4 telephoto camera that’s capable of 2x optical zoom, that is great. You’ll get optical image stabilization within the telephoto which is as pretty as a picture and ultra-wide cameras on this new device Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, but little else has changed.

The Z Fold 3 takes sharp and bright photos that is gorgeous  with punchy colors, as you’d expect from almost any Samsung phone in 2021 that is good; but upon closer inspection, we found that the S21 Ultra main camera from seven months ago captures more detail, as does the iPhone 12 Pro Max from nearly a year ago. you’d possibly not miss it though, unless you’re taking a look at the results side-by-side or have a keen eye for detail.

The Z Fold 3 offers a customary 2x optical zoom that is good news for customs, which feels limited on condition that over the prior 18 months Samsung has raved non-stop about its Space Zoom cameras within the S21 Ultra, Note 20 Ultra S20 Ultra. Sure, the 100x Space Zoom was overkill, but photos at 30x and 10x were usable, which is great, and thus the Z Fold 3, despite its top-end price, can’t manage anything near that.

The camera setup does include one space-age-like trick which is great, though. There’s an under-display camera within the 7.6-inch main display of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 that is cool, and also the punch-hole is hidden by a patch of pixels when it’s not in use. It’s not completely invisible, but the crosshatch pattern does a fine job at making the screen atiny low amount more uniform.

During everyday use of the Z Fold 3, we’ve found that the aforementioned crosshatch pattern that partially obscures the within display’s camera disappears from sight after you’re not staring directly at it, making it far less distracting than the black pinhole cutout that would’ve been there in a different way and also not bad think.

Unfortunately, this cutting-edge tech is ahead of its time. We found that the 4MP f/1.8 camera captures photos that are noticeably less sharp than those loving the 10MP f/2.2 selfie camera that’s on the duvet Display. And that’s a shame, because the tablet-esque screen would otherwise create an honest video conferencing interface. But who wants to use the bad camera of the five onboard , which projects you as a rather blurry figure? The thought is neat, but it’s half-baked.

S pen:

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is compatible with the S Pen and it’s a difference-maker for a phone that’s unofficially billed because of the Note 21 Ultra replacement. Samsung is selling a brand-new S Pen specifically designed for this foldable phone. Actually, there are two of them: the S Pen Fold Edition, and also the larger S Pen Pro, with Bluetooth for Air Actions and USB-C charging. The S Pen included in the Note series was toothpick-sized and placed inside the body of the phone, these new S Pen accessories are a separate purchase and larger, so they don’t get stuck in the folds. But we found the dimensions, rather like the size of the S Pen for Samsung’s tablets, to be more artist- and note-taker-friendly. If you are worried about puncturing the fine screen of Z Fold 3, don’t worry. Its stylus tip will retract if an excessive amount of pressure is applied, so far we haven’t had a controversy when drawing and scribbling notes during our testing. The only thing we feel is missing here is S Pen support on the quilt Display. Samsung has included its screen-off memos on the larger inner display, and so the concept seems like a natural suitable for the duvet Display.

Software and special features:

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 could be a multitasking powerhouse. due to the Multi-Active Window feature, you’ll be able to run two apps side by side (dragging and dropping content between them) or run up to a few apps without delay. And now the improved App Pair feature permits you to create shortcuts for 2 apps later within the same way you had them open.

Don’t desire constantly swiping in from the proper side to open the sting Panel to determine these and other apps? Samsung added a brand new Taskbar feature that helps you to switch between apps on the fly; it just sits there on the proper side of the display, just like the Windows taskbar. to induce the Taskbar to figure, I had to penetrate the Settings menu and activate Samsung Labs, which most of the people won’t understand how to try to to.

Once activated, the Taskbar could be a welcome addition. I really like that Slack will notify me about any number, for example, then I can quickly switch to the app or I can quickly open a pair of my favorite apps: Gallery and Messages.

Samsung Labs may also force apps that don’t seem to be optimized for foldable displays to figure in Multi-Active Windows mode. For instance, I could park Netflix on the left side of the display and continue watching Outer Banks while keeping an eye fixed on messages on the proper side of the screen.

Another cool feature is drag and split. For instance, if you’re within the Samsung browser and you are looking at items on Amazon, you’ll simply drag one over to the proper to open a replacement window. That way you’ll study the small print on one product while comparing other products on the left. Other apps that support this feature include Samsung Messages, MS Office, One Note and more.

When you fold the Galaxy Z Fold 3 sort of a laptop, a variety of apps support Flex mode, which puts the content up top and controls on the underside portion on the display. This works in YouTube and also the Camera app, and I also used it during a hands-free Google Meet video call. you’ll even force Flex mode to seem in apps, but I’d rather see more developers just embrace the feature.

Samsung is additionally working closely with third-party developers to roll out more apps that employment natively with the Galaxy Z Fold 3. These include Snapchat, TikTok, Netflix, Spotify and YouTube. For instance, when you’re using Spotify, you will see the Now Playing window on the underside left side and also the remainder of the discover menu on the correct side, making it easier to multitask.

But my favorite optimized app for Galaxy Z Fold 3 is Chrome. I prefer having the ability to work out all my tabs at the highest and move them around, even as I might on the desktop.

Space, software and performance :

The Galaxy Fold 3 runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset irrespective of what a part of the planet you’re located in (there’s no Samsung-made Exynos processor here, where previous Samsung flagships have featured a mixture of own-brand and Qualcomm chips), and it’s plenty fast enough to handle actuality app multitasking that a tool like this must be capable of pulling off.

That’s important, because Samsung has taken app pairing (where you’ll be able to use two apps at the identical time) and its slide-out dock to the following level by allowing you to form the app dock permanent and arrange the interface (up to a few app windows open at once) just about any way you’d like.

This is an enormous development for anyone who’s ever wished their phone software acted more just like the software on their laptop. Having the ability to change between apps without having to get back a home screen or slide out a dock anytime looks like a game-changer for an Android phone when Android tablets have always lagged behind the iPad and iPadOS.

We almost want to declare this the most effective Android 11 tablet you’ll buy (although it’d even be the foremost expensive one by some distance).

There are two configurations of the Z Fold 3: 256GB with 12GB of RAM, which is able to be perfectly adequate for many people, and 512GB with 12GB of RAM. If you’re doing comparative phone shopping, and take into consideration that Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max starts at 128GB, that closes the value gap a touch.

That combination of RAM and therefore the powerful Snapdragon 888 chipset also makes the Galaxy Z Fold 3 a touch of a gaming powerhouse, allowing it to run graphically intensive games like PUBG, Call of Duty Mobile and Asphalt 9 Legends without breaking a sweat – even on ultra settings.

While Samsung has offered phones with 1TB of storage within the past, that’s not an option here, and there’s no microSD card slot to induce you any longer storage beyond 512GB. Frankly, with cloud storage becoming ubiquitous, there’s little desire on the part of manufacturers to travel over this, a minimum of until 4K and 8K video recordings become popular.

Battery Life:

Galaxy Z Fold 3 Battery 4,400mAh – Maybe Samsung packed so much technology into the flexible body that it felt the need to cut 100mAh from last year’s capacity, which was 4,500mAh. Power users – the target marketplace for this phone – will feel the loss.

Power users – the intended marketplace for this phone – will feel the loss. Although we can spend most of the day using both screens, if we enable 5G and use the camera liberally, we can reach for a quick charger or a Qi wireless charger most of the night before.

Here’s what’s complicated about that: there is not any charger within the box with the Galaxy Z Fold 3, so you will be eager to stay with your existing charger or buy one separately. It’s a move we also saw from Apple with its iPhone 12 series, and it’s designed to cut down on electronic waste, and it probably doesn’t hurt that every one in all those much thinner smartphone boxes will save on shipping costs, too.


With the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung retains the title of best foldable phone, and that’s not just because there’s really no competition instantly. You get a more durable design, improved multitasking and better displays for a small amount less money than last time around.

The under-display camera could also be a step forward in terms of design, letting you see more of the screen when not in use. But you need to trade some image quality from this 4MP shooter.

Samsung is also credited with working with developers to optimize more apps for foldability. However, while I appreciate the S Pen support, Samsung should have included the Stylus at $ 1,799. Plus, the battery life could also be better and also the design slimmer.

Overall, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is also a winner, but it’s only for those users who are willing to pay a premium for a phone that will double as a tablet.

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