Smartphones are filling up with WhatsApp, and Messenger notifications.

Today, having a smartphone in hand means that it must have WhatsApp installed. Besides, because of using Facebook, many people also download its messaging platform Messenger (Messenger). But the more apps, the more notifications, especially these two messaging media, fill the phone’s screen. And because of this, it is very difficult to concentrate on daily work. Suppose, when you went to do something attentively, your phone started receiving a bunch of message notifications, that’s it! At least once, eyes and hands will go there. Simply put, for some people, piles of notifications are practically a headache. In that case, if you are also facing this kind of problem with notification, then you can use the simple way to get rid of it; All you need to do is mute unnecessary or annoying chats on WhatsApp or Messenger, and that’s it!
How to mute WhatsApp chats?

  1. First, open WhatsApp and select the chat you want to mute.
  2. Long press the selected chat, it will show a cut mic logo at the top of the screen. You can mute the chat by clicking here. However, a chat can be muted by clicking on the chat and selecting the ‘Mute Notifications’ option from the three-dot icon on the top right.
  3. Tapping on the chat mute option will show three options – 8 hours, 1 week, or Always. From here you can mute any chat by choosing a specific time.

How to mute Messenger chat?

  1. In this case too, first, go to the Facebook Messenger app and then select the chat you want to mute.
  2. Long press the chat (i.e. press for a while), it will show the mute notification option.
  3. By clicking on this option you will see some options like Mute Message Notification (to mute message notification only), Mute Call Notification (to mute call only), Mute Message, and Call Notification (to mute both message or call notification). Among these, you can choose any option according to your needs.

Incidentally, apart from Messenger and WhatsApp, platforms like Instagram and Telegram also offer mute message and mute call options. In both cases, the method of muting messages and calls is similar to the method of muting chats in WhatsApp and Messenger.

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