WhatsApp TIPS, TRICKS, and HACKS – Must try in 2022

WhatsApp freaking Ultra with some Epic new features but also a few secret ones. So, let’s get started.

WhatsApp message reaction features 

WhatsApp’s brand new feature no doubt is Gonna changing the way you use WhatsApp forever. What you can now do on WhatsApp is react every time you click and hold down on a message now there are six different emojis to choose from h your reaction if you accidentally select the wrong one you can just click and hold again and select your new emoji and automatically it will change. The cool thing is every time someone reacts to one of your messages you get a pop-up notification and we will see the reaction. If you are in a group chat you can also see other people’s reaction and on top of that let say you react with a completely random emoji by accident well if you click on those reaction you can actually see who send what and if you Tab on your own name it will remove your reaction.

WhatsApp new voice notice

ok now check this out what’s up to have completely changed our voice nothing game because they have now given us their ability to EDIT your voice notice.it is really cool feature but before we get to that there is also a chat playback this feature. Lets you play a voice not and the kids a play head at the top off WhatsApp so that while you navigate around and go into other chat or right messages you will still be listening to that was not you could even exit WhatsApp completely and the device not Would Still Be playing when you come back into that message. Now here’s where we get to you say me idiot things on you start a new voice not you will no see this little pause button and if you Tab on that you can listen to the playback of what you just recorded. Your voice not and carry on recording so you can record multiple different place over any amount of time and sent that was not when you are ready.

WhatsApp hidden profile features

ok now let’s just say there some one some kind of contact you don’t share with well now you can hide your profile photos specially its is difficult just from them it might creative bit of drama.

it’s such a simple thing to do and at this setting within WhatsApp if you click on the account then privacy and finally profile photo you will see this option that says my contacts except and now here is where you can basically choose which contacts you don’t want to see your profile picture once you are done like magic in a couple of seconds it just hopes disappears. You can even do this with your last since about and even status and on top of that, you can specifically choose who you want to share your status with but remember guys with great power comes great responsibility.

WhatsApp deleting powers features

so as you know you have always been able to delete your own messages but now as a group admin, you get a new sneaky power so let’s just say you make a group with a couple of people in but some of the commands get a bit out of hand as the group admin you can delete any comments from anyone and also is right away if you don’t see this feature yet you will probably be able to see it soon but still this is Sachin Nifty futures.

WhatsApp supersized group

so you know how you usually have that group where you just can’t add that on a friend . You have already reached the two 256 groups and user limit because I totally have that many friends will as some of you may or may not know you can actually invite people to your groove a link every single group you create get it on the unique link and when you send that link to somebody if they click on it they can join your bro and down WhatsApp have a made it possible to have up  512 people in your group literally double thanks to the new updates and if you ever start getting random people joining then you can just receive the invitation so that any person with that link will be able to enter.

WhatsApp group blocking features

So I am sure you guys know how we all have that one the person who keeps adding as to every single group on the face of the plans wolf not anymore once again within those ridiculously Nifty WhatsApp setting all you need to do is go to account then privacy and if you slowly scroll down you will see the option that says groups here you can choose exactly which contacts can no longer at you too Tu kiski groups if anything as well is once you have blocked that contact if they try to add you to a new group they will actually receive this pop-up notification that says they cannot add at you now that is awesome.

WhatsApp supersized file features

Now this is pretty big guys WhatsApp has finally increased their file-sharing limit from what was a mystery 100 MB to a whooping  2GP but there is a catch this is so cute and not just because of the file transfer size but because what’s up is now I am OZ the only two main steam messaging apps in the world that offer this size transfer completing with a telegram.

in the world that offer this eyes transfer completing with Telegram end and to send a too big file you can head into any chat even groups then just select the the proper clip I can’t but make sure to select documents then you can search for any file up to a maximum of two Gates and send and so now just like that you could send any enter movie to your friends just using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp supersize called features

So I am pretty sure you guys can see the pattern hair WhatsApp is becoming WhatsApp also with everything becoming supersized including their group calls.before you can do up to 8 people in one chat but now you can do a lot more so if you are in a group and start a video call you can add up to a crazy 32 people which is even more than this so from a 32 you can see that what’s up my son is star computing with the life of June made or maybe even them I am just saying

WhatsApp web features

So on WhatsApp web and images has finally become super simple by just using a colon followed by the description of the emoji. If you want you can literally search the library it’s quite simple once you start typing in a description of the images you are looking for or a branch will appear that match the description. Choose which one you want then I bet that 99 of you had no idea you can actually create a sticker on WhatsApp web just by clicking that create button you can choose any file from your computer open it up and then add images at test extra stickers you name it and when you are done click the send button that little customers record is just made is saved.

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