Xiaomi 12x Review: secretly AMAZING!

Xiaomi 12x has an identical design to the 12.the colors we have the Purple 12 x and it has matter-fast like finish. While it captures the occasional fingerprint smudges are not quite as noticeable as on the black version. The main camera is the focal point of the camera Island design much like Xiaomi’s previous flagship generation. While it looks nice it just out and the twelve years will wobble on flat surfaces in hand through its incredible pleasant to use. The 12x is a very light white 176 gram and easily one of the compact smartphones. It’s easy to operate with the one hand and its feel Grippy and durable enough. It’s covered by Gorilla Glass five on the back and Gorilla Glass on the front also.

Sadly there is no IP rated protection here but apparently, there is some Limited splash resistance. On the top a will find minimal screen bezels and a small centered hole punch near the top of the display. Further down there is an optical fingerprint reader that works nearly flawlessly. It’s among the fastest on that we have used. The 12x uses the same panel as the Xiaomi, the 12 which means you are getting a a fantastic display.6.2 amulet, 1080p, 120Hz refresh rate. It  has a Full HD resolution and up to a 120Hz refresh rate with 480Hz touch sampling rate. As the first panel ever with negative 12-bit color which means it can display over 68 billion colors. you can really get this many colors only with body vision HDR videos. so, it is good that Netflix will happily is trim the matching content. The screen also get a great Max brightness of 925 need in auto mode and day minimum brightness was a a nice lady em 1.8 minutes

Design & Build:

Like its Xiaomi 12 counterpart, the Xiaomi 12X is fairly compact and easy to hold in one hand and also  It’s easy to operate with the one hand . This could be especially helpful for those who aren’t fascinated by today’s huge phones like Galaxy S22 Ultra or Pixel 6 Pro.

At just 176g, the phone has the right amount of heft. An element of the reason is that the phone is formed of aluminum and Gorilla Glass Victus which makes it desire a solid slab of metal and glass without feeling too heavy.

Speaking of the rear, the Xiaomi 12X comes in an exceedingly different type of colors but the given review unit was within the purple option which can be a subtle color but looks great compared to the black and blue options.

The back of the device incorporates a camera bump which is able to vibrate the device on a table. Fortunately, Xiaomi offers a transparent case within the box, so you will be able to still appreciate the color and keep your phone flat on a table.

A major omission within the 12X could be a political candidate IP rating, the phone is splash resistant but probably not an honest idea to travel swimming with the phone, because it probably won’t last.

Screen & Speaker:

For the display, Xiaomi has come up with a 6.28in AMOLED display that supports full HD + resolution and HDR10 + and Dolby Vision video content that meets those standards.

Like most Android flagships today, the 12X’s display incorporates a 120Hz refresh rate that may be adapted and set automatically or between 60Hz and 120Hz by the user. you wish a 12 Pro to urge an LTPO display that’s like the Xiaomi 12 and might go from 120- to 1Hz.

The display looks great in most lighting conditions, due to its 1,100 nits of peak brightness. The screen also features an in-display fingerprint reader that works fairly quickly at unlocking your device and you can call this is cool.

For speakers, the Xiaomi 12X has stereo speakers (one above and one below) tuned by Herman Cardon and supports Dolby Atmos. Stereo speakers can get a reasonably loud and good sound but can vary counting on what music you play through them.

There are some options for adjusting Dolby Atmos settings to dynamic, music, video, etc. but I noticed that the most effective sound is found when left to Dynamic.


Instead of counting super high megapixels for the camera, Xiaomi has decided to relinquish all three models within the 12 series the identical MP count – a minimum of for the most sensor. The 12X’s main camera features a 13Mp UltraWide and 5MP Telemacro, in addition as a 50Mp sensor.

It would be nice to own a zoom lens rather than a macro lens because it is more practical for everyday use.

The 12X’s main lens can take some great pictures. In ideal lighting conditions, most lens photos have a vibrant and slightly punchy color that basically pops. But if you are looking for something more natural-happiness, you’ll be wanting to appear elsewhere for your camera needs.

Night mode could be a slightly different story if soft on some good scene lighting like street lights or ambient lights, night pictures would be great. But shooting something completely dark won’t give good results.

When using an ultraviolet lens, the standard is slightly reduced, especially since the ultraviolet lens is reduced to 13Mp and also the main one to 12Mp by 50Mp pixel swap.

That being said, you’ll be able to prefer to shoot at 50 Mp but you will not have access to other lenses, just a 2X cropping.

In the case of video, Xiaomi can increase to 12X 8K but it’s limited to 24fps. you’ll be able to increase to 4K / 60fps and 1080p / 60fps. Video quality is great in both 4K and 1080p with a color palette and OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) which makes your footage smoother.

The front contains a 32Mp camera designed for selfies that appears great with details to differentiate your subject (probably yourself).

Space and performance:

Like its predecessor, the Xiaomi 12X runs the Snapdragon 870 which isn’t as new and glamorous as the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 on the 12 and 12 Pro. The identical chip is out there in many cheap phones like the Poco F3 and Moto G100.

Depending on the model, 12X 8-or 12GB RAM comes with 128 or 256GB UFS 3.1 storage.

8GB LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 storage help make the phone feel fast. From opening the app to using the camera and playing games, everything is fast. Also having a 120Hz display helps to form the experience smoother.

You can see how it performed on the benchmarks below, together with other Xiaomi 12 models and key competitors. Note that the identical priced Realme GT 2 comes with the new one

You can see how it performed on the benchmarks below, together with other Xiaomi 12 models and key competitors. It’s worth mentioning that the identical priced Realme GT 2 comes with a brand new Snapdragon 888 processor so offers better future proofing than the 12X’s 2021 chip.


To go with the fast performance, Xiaomi 12 packs an enormous 4,500mAh battery. It lasted me all day without the requirement to charge. During that point I answered some messages, read some articles online, flicked through social media and took some pictures on camera.

To test it more accurately, I downloaded and played an HD video in two hours at full brightness. At that time, the battery level dropped by 18% so it took 13 hours in total. That’s right – it’s not about 17 hours or more, though with some smartphones.

It took quite an hour to keep a copy of the phone using the charger within the box. Again, that’s fine but with some smartphones now boasting 0 to 100% in but half an hour, the Xiaomi 12 can certainly do better.

Behind the scenes, Xiaomi 12 uses MIUI 13 which is predicated on Android 12. This software package isn’t far from the stock Android but it’s not good to use because some icons and fonts of the app look a touch cartoonish.

All of Google’s apps are pre-installed, as are some popular services like TikTok and Amazon. To download more, you’ll favor to use Google Play Store or Mi Store, which provides you almost endless

Software and apps:

On the software side, Xiaomi 12X runs Android 12 and the company’s latest MIUI 13 tops the list. While it’s still definitely Xiaomi, there are some stock Android components out there or you’ll find it on the latest Google Pixel phones. There are several pre-installed apps like Facebook, Spotify and some mobile games like Bubble Shooter & Friends but fortunately these can be easily uninstalled. For those looking to add some style to your Xiaomi 12X UI, there’s a theme app with lots of free and paid wallpapers, ringtones and icon styles to choose from. For software updates, Xiaomi has previously promised three years of Android updates and four security updates. This means you can update your Xiaomi 12X to at least Android 15. It remains to be seen how timely Xiaomi will be when distributing their updates to their Xiaomi 12 series which is not good.

Price and Availability :

The rest of the Xiaomi 12 series is available in the UK, but there is currently no release information for the Xiaomi 12X ,we do not know why.

In the market where Xiaomi 12X is available, the device starts at $ 649 / € 699 (approximately £ 499) and comes in two variants:

8 / 128GB

8 / 256GB


There are some areas where Xiaomi 12 will be improved. As an example, battery life and charging time may be given a lift, Xiaomi can increase the zoom of the camera and that i will make another point that although the look is extremely good, it runs the chance of getting lost within the remainder of the mid-range smartphones. The crowd.

But even then, compared to other phones at such prices, Xiaomi 12 is undoubtedly one amongst the simplest because it doesn’t accept any sacrifice on hardware which implies you’ll still get great performance, a surprising display and a decent one. The camera

Although its stand out feature should be its size. If you’ve got smaller hands, or if you like a more compact handset, this might be the most effective cheap phone for you immediately. It’s small!

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